Being strict in your dog’s diet can be quite difficult, but if you want to have a healthy dog, provide him with food that are also rich in nutritional values such as vitamins and minerals. There might be instances that you have that urge to feed your dog with what you also eat, but never give in to that feeling because you end up giving him more calories and fats, which are of course unhealthy to your pets. Even snack foods should be equally healthy to make your dog live a longer, fuller life that you can imagine.

Some healthy dog snack options are:

  • Fruits. Do you know that fruits such as bananas, apples, mango and pears can be a healthy snack for your dog? A slice can do wonders because of the nutrients it contains. Just be sure to get rid of any seed that might be toxic. More energy can be provided by the natural sugars in fruits.
  • Vegetables. For some who do not give their dogs vegetables, you might be interested to know that they also need some broccoli, green beans, sweet potato and a slice of pumpkin during snack time. In addition, they can be eaten either cooked or raw, just needs to be washed thoroughly before serving your dog.
  • If there are no fruits or vegetables in your refrigerator, some crunchy options such as popcorn or rice cakes can a fun snack choice. For protein intake,  cooked egg whites are a good substitute. A great chew snack such as raw bone of a lamb or beef can be a healthy snack which can also benefit the teeth.
  • Cottage cheese. This is one surprise for dog owners. Dogs do love cheese like humans, but the best choice is a nonfat and low in sodium which is considered healthier than regular cottage cheese.
  • Peanut butter is one of the favorite snack options of dogs. Just spread a little over a chew bone and feed him.
  • Ice cubes. This is one technique especially appreciated by dogs on a warm sunny day, it is not really all water but to make it more a treat, freeze the water mixed with a chicken broth with a little salt to make it tastier.

Although these are healthy snacks that your dog would appreciate, there are some dogs who are sensitive and you should take extra caution before giving him a particular food. Few dogs have food allergies, and can only tolerate much. You can also try homemade snacks recipes, which can guarantee your dog a healthy nutritional one rather than those being bought commercially in pet shops and supermarkets. They are usually packed with some additives or are high in some fats that are unhealthy.

Do not forget though, that dog snack option differs from one dog to another, and smaller dogs can enjoy snacks different from large dogs. A puppy for example should not be given foods meant for older ones. Always determine and be cautious about that.