Dogs, just like any other pets need extra care and should be properly groomed and cleaned. Noticeably, dogs don’t really care if they get dirty or not, and  they even want to get soiled immediately after they took a bath unless you dry them with a hair dryer and a towel. Today, there are already numerous products available for dogs use in their bath, and if you can check them, there are dog shampoos, soap, combs, dryer, nail cutters, and the list goes on and on. Everybody would love to hug, cuddle and play with a clean, fragrant dog.

The following are some tips that can make your dog cleaning and grooming easier:

  • Brushing your dog as often as you can can help prevent his shredding on a controlled manner. You can brush him outside your home if the weather allows you to do it. A clean up can be difficult if you do this inside especially when you have carpeted floors.
  • One way to prevent shredding still is allowing your dog to be bathe on a regular basis. Wash him thoroughly and blow dry.
  • Everyone who owns a dog should experience puppy training first and foremost. In order to have a clean pup and the house, be sure to thoroughly clean the mess on your floor immediately with some paper towels and a dog odor neutralizer which kills the awful smell quickly.
  • Getting rid of fleas is also one way to a cleaned and groomed dog. It won’t only be a problem of your dog but you as an owner as well. You can ask your vet, buy something from the supermarket, or use some natural and less chemical free substance that can be toxic to your dog. Simple steps such having a regular wash of your pet and his beddings can be very helpful. You can also use a flea comb, or a vacuuming everyday can also be beneficial. Make sure to dispose of the bag properly to avoid fleas from flying and hopping again.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth and educate them on this aspect. Dogs have special teeth and they need to be cleaned up too. It can be quite difficult at the start, but you can teach your dog by using your fingers to lift and touch his mouth and gums until he gets accustomed to the gesture. A little patience can be on hand, and in time, you can introduce tooth brushing gradually.
  • Prepare some old towel to wipe away dirt and mud every time your dog gets outside on not so good weather. Dry him thoroughly since this can help minimize dog smell and also prevents mildew forming bacteria on frequently used rugs by your dogs.

Everybody loves and enjoys a clean dog. Therefore, if you love your dog, take care of him like you take care of your kids. You may not know this but a dog can be a sincere friend and a protector too. Make him happy and they always return the favor by being loyal to you.